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David Eggleton, 2012

Review of [Eddy]

Art New Zealand #143, Blue Oyster Project Space, Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand


Issuing through tiny wall-mounted speakers [Eddy], by Auckland jeweller and artist Deborah Crowe and film-maker Eldon Booth, was a minimalist, reductive audio installation in a small, bare reverberant room that resulted in impressive aural architecture. With its mosaic of beeping, whirring, drilling, grinding and polishing noises, [Eddy] created a subliminal presence, the very simulacrum of some robotic laboratory or workshop.


Purportedly a recording of a MRI scanner at work, the eight minute-long irregular swishing back and forth did indeed sound like the quarrying and probing of a machine attending to human hard and soft tissues, stitching and sewing a sonic bodyscape in a manner at once humorous and poignant.

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